Anti-Wrinkle Injections

anti wrinkle injections

If you want to reduce the lines on your face without having to resort to surgical procedures, the good news is that facial rejuvenation techniques can soften wrinkles for a more youthful appearance.

All of us laugh, smile and frown and over the years these actions develop facial lines and wrinkles. Botulinium Type A can be used to smooth lines and wrinkles for a younger, more rejuvenated look. Common treated areas are frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet.

Botulinum Toxin A or  BOTOX™, is produced by a bacterium called Clostridium Botulinum. It has been used since 1920, but was marketed commercially in 1997. It has a wide variety of clinical uses. Botulinum toxin type A is a purified substance derived from a bacteria and when injected it blocks muscular nerve signals, weakening the muscle so that it can’t contract and diminishes your unwanted facial wrinkles.

The medication is injected with a very fine needle, once these injections have been administered the muscles will begin to relax and become less active and the skin will appear smoother. The treatment is quick and painless; typically lasting around 15 minutes and requires no antiseptic. Results will usually be seen in a few days, sometimes taking between 4-7 days for the effects to be seen. Your treatment also includes a review between 14 -21 days where any adjustments will be made.

As it’s not a permanent treatment, the effects will wear off over time, so it’s recommended that the procedure is repeated every 3 months for effective results.

The toxin is a prescription-only medicine and will only ever be administered following a stringent consultation and health check by our Nurse Practitioner/Prescriber.