Counselling in WidnesCounselling Widnes

At Widnes Alternative Health we offer a helping hand to guide and encourage you to express your thoughts, feeling and offer guidance in a confidential environment. We offer one to one therapy, helping to confront negative thoughts or feelings which may be affecting your everyday life. Our counselling service in Widnes is not designed to make the problem go away but it will definitely help you to cope with it and feel happier.

Benefits of counselling

Talking therapies such as counselling can help all sorts of people in a variety of situations. Everyone’s circumstances are different, but research suggests that counselling works well whether you’re male, female, young, old, gay, straight, rich or poor. Whatever your issue or problem, counselling in Widnes is for anyone going through a bad time.

Counselling is effective for many reasons .Sometimes it’s due to the simple fact that it’s often much easier to talk to a stranger than to a relative or friend. Sharing your emotions with a counsellor can be much more effective as you will not be judged and by sharing these problems, we can help you manage your situation.

What can counselling help with?

– Depression

Depression is more than just feeling unhappy or fed up. Depression is one of the biggest killers in mental health, and due to the difficulty identifying depression it often goes undiagnosed.

If you’ve been diagnosed with depression, or feel that you may be suffering from the disease, our counselling service in Widnes could help you.

– Drug misuse/Addictions

It’s very easy to go from recreational drug and alcohol use to addiction. Many people regularly partake in addictive substance use or engage in potentially addictive activities, such as gambling or sex, without any problems.

However, in some people, as this kind of behaviour becomes more frequent, it can cause damaging physical and psychological effects. If you feel you’re suffering from addiction, our counselling services in Widnes, along with medication, is recommended.

– Anxiety

Anxiety is perfectly normal in certain situations, such as job interviews or sitting exams. However, some people find it hard to control their worries and so they experience feelings of anxiety more than the average person. This can be particularly debilitating and can affect their everyday life.

With treatment, anxiety can be controlled, and one way to treat this issue is with regular counselling sessions that include Cognitive behavioural therapy.

– Emotional illness

Emotional illness comes in all shapes and sizes, from uncontrollable fears to persistent anxiety and the inability to control anger. Counselling can provide a listening ear for sufferers of emotional illness, and offer guidance and methods on how to control their feelings and emotions.

– Stress

Everybody will experience stress at some point in their lives, but sometimes it can get too much – so much so that it can bring on physical illness or emotional breakdowns. When things get this bad, it’s time to seek help. Talking things through with a counsellor can be just what stress sufferers need to deal with the strain of everyday life.

– Bereavement

Losing a loved one is one of the worst things anybody can go through. Bereavement takes times, and one must go through it in order to recover. At Widnes Alternative Health we can help you through this difficult time in the best way possible, without you having to burden your family or friends. If you’re struggling with the loss of someone close to you, you don’t have to suffer silently.

What to expect from a counselling treatment?

In a quiet peaceful environment, the counsellor will encourage you to express your feelings and emotions face to face. Discussing your concerns will enable you to gain a better understanding of the thought process you need to reach your positive goals.

Our experienced counsellors in Widnes will not judge or give advice, they will listen, offer support and suggest different ways and methods for you to deal with your feelings. Sometimes the unbiased listening ear of a stranger is all a person needs to feel better.