Osteopathy FAQs

Do I need a referral from my doctor to see an osteopath?

No; osteopaths are independent practitioners therefore you can make an appointment without a referral from your doctor.

I have acute low back pain. Would osteopathy help?

Yes, osteopathy has been proven to be more successful in treating acute low back pain than standard medical treatment.

I have a lumbar disc problem (slipped disc). Can osteopathy provide an alternative to surgery?

Yes, many disc problems can be resolved with out the need for surgery with osteopathic treatment.
What should I wear?
Don’t worry! You will only be required to take off the minimum amount of clothing. Females will be comfortable in shorts and a sports bra. Men will be comfortable in shorts.

I have sciatic pain down my leg, can osteopathy help?

Yes osteopathy can often resolve sciatic pain, this pain is very commonly related to mechanical problems in the low back or pelvis.

Can osteopathy help a frozen shoulder?

Yes osteopathy can help reduce the pain and stiffness associated with shoulder pain and often provide complete resolution of this extremely painful condition.

Can osteopathy help with a neck injury?

Osteopathy can help reduce the muscle spasm and inflammation in the acute stage, manipulation can then help to correct vertebral problems which my be the result of more chronic pain in the neck.

Can osteopathy help with migraine?

Yes it can as migraine can often be the result of upper neck or cranial problems.

Can osteopathy help with my headaches?

Osteopathy will help to correct problem in the neck or upper back which can often be the cause of pain refereed to the head or face.

I am pregnant and have developed low back pain. Can osteopathy help?

Osteopathy is a very safe, gentle and effective treatment which can be used throughout your pregnancy.

Will osteopathy help with my knee pain?

Knee pain can often be the result of mechanical problems in other parts of the body such as the feet or the pelvis.

I have irritable bowel syndrome. Can osteopathy help?

Osteopathy can often be very successful in treating IBS, which can be related to disturbance in the balance of the nerve supply to the bowels.

What’s the difference between osteopathic treatment and physiotherapy? I have previously had physiotherapy treatment for my lower back which did not help.

Osteopathic treatment is more a patient-centred and hands on treatment. Osteopaths will treat the structure as a whole and provide a whole person approach to treatment not just direct treatment to the painful area.

Can osteopathic treatment be helpful in treating children?

Cranial osteopathic treatment can be very successful in treating many problems in children, the more common conditions being, colic, asthma, glue ear, sinus problem.

I have a chronic problem with my jaw which makes it very painful and causes it to click.

Osteopathy can be extremely helpful in the management of TMJ problems. This problem is often related to a general postural or cranial imbalance.

Could osteopathy do anything to help with my chronic sinusitis?

Cranial osteopathy can be very successful in treating chronic sinus conditions both in children and adults.

I have just had baby and have developed low back pain. Can osteopathy help?

Yes osteopathy can help re-balance the tissues and joints in your lower back and pelvis which my have been injured either through your pregnancy or delivery.

I an a pensioner, I have been told I have arthritis in my neck and low back. Can osteopathy help?

Osteopathy cannot cure your arthritis but can improve the mobility of your back and neck. Improved mobility will help relive a considerable amount of stiffness which regularly improves levels of pain and quality of life.

Can osteopathy help a sports injury?

Yes osteopathy can treat most sports related injuries such as ankle, knee, shoulder, wrist and groin problems.