Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Treatment in Widnes

physiotherapy in widnes

What does our Physiotherapy treatment involve?

Physiotherapy is a hands-on treatment specialising in rehabilitation of the body after injury, helping to restore movement and function of the body by the use of manual techniques such as massage, stretching and exercises for the injured parts of the body. This kind of hands-on treatment helps to mobilise the joints and soft tissue which in turn relieves pain caused by sports injuries, improves blood circulation, helps drain fluid and improve movement in problem areas. All of these effects are cumulative in their effect on the healing process, so the results of physiotherapy on recovery rate, injury-related stress and quality of life are often dramatic.

As well as treating specific problems, physiotherapy can also improve your general well-being by improving your posture and pro-actively resolve any underlying stressors before they can develop to the point of causing future problems.

What can our Widnes Physiotherapy clinic treat?

There are many conditions that would benefit from physiotherapy – almost any injured person can experience the benefits of physiotherapy at our Widnes clinic during their recovery. The list of conditions benefiting from physiotherapy includes but is not limited to:

– Sports Injury

– Rehabilitation

– Whip Lash

– Ligament Damage

– Plantar Fasciitis

– Chronic Pain

– Knee Pain

– Tennis Elbow

For more information about the suitability of physiotherapy for you, contact our Widnes clinic on
0151 420 3398 where our physiotherapists will be happy to help.

What do Physiotherapists do?

All physios at our practice in Widnes are fully qualified and registered with Health and Care Professional Council (HCPC) and Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Our physiotherapists in Widnes will take a look at your individual situation to assess what the best course of treatment is and advise you of your options. There are a variety of techniques and treatments available, and ideally one or more of them will be suited to your condition, allowing your physio to provide you with a treatment plan exactly tailored to suit you and your needs. Your physiotherapist may suggest simple movement and exercise or various manual therapy techniques such as Massage and Deep Tissue Massage. Other treatment options also include:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

This treatment helps suppress pain signals to the brain by delivering electric currents to the affected area, ultimately reducing pain, tension and stress and boosting recovery rate.


High frequency sound waves are sent through your body to speed up healing and help reduce pain by stimulating blood circulation and cell activity. A relatively new technique, this high-tech form of physiotherapy is proven to decreases recovery time and inflammation, and can have a dramatic effect on healing.

Trigger Point Needle Therapy

Our physiotherapists are fully qualified in Trigger Point Dry Needling Therapy, which helps target acute muscular pain and tension. Small acupuncture needles are inserted at local points of contracted pain to encourage the muscle to relax and decrease pain signals. By cutting tension in the muscles, the body is more able to relax, reducing pain and associated stress and encouraging blood flow to the affected area, ultimately helping promote muscle health and rapid recovery.


Carried out in water and often used with children or adults with learning disabilities, this treatment can help relieve pain, relax muscles and help with mobility as well as improving blood circulation and providing numerous long-term health benefits.

In addition, because the exercises are being performed in water, the naturally increased resistance created by the water also helps to improve one’s balance, co-ordination and strength in a gentle, low-impact way that is ideal for promoting recovery and rehabilitation.

Our Physiotherapy team at Widnes Alternative Health pride ourselves on providing excellent care. Our experienced physiotherapists do their very best to help relieve your pain, facilitate a speedy recovery and put the patient first by delivering quality, personalised treatments.

Physiotherapy treatment costs can be claimed back with most health care cover providers like MediCash, Simply Health and Health Shield. For more information contact your health care provider.

Where is our Physiotherapy clinic Located?

Widnes Alternative Health Centre
184 Liverpool Road