Phil Thomas DO, BSc (Hons) Ost, Dip Ac.
Clinic Owner and Senior Osteopath with 25 years of experience.

Phil founded Aintree Clinic in 1990, since that time the clinic has established a reputation on Merseyside for providing excellent service and high osteopathic standards of care. Phil is the principal osteopath at the clinic with 25 years in clinical practice. Following his previous career as a professional cyclist, Phil retained his links with the sport by working as a team osteopath with some of Britons top professional cycling teams before devoting his time to establishing the Aintree Osteopathic Clinic, today he still continues to treat some of Britons top professional and amateur riders.

His main interests in osteopathy lay in the use of classical osteopathy and rehabilitation techniques; he has studied many different approaches to manual medicine such as cranial-sacral therapy, applied kinesiology, mechanical chiropractic techniques and acupuncture. Having the ability to combine differing approaches has led to him developing a reputation in treating many complex chronic conditions, such as cervical and lumbar disc injuries, chronic pelvic pain, frozen shoulder, TMJ and head aches. In the last 5 years he has taken up a teaching position at the Trieste Osteopathic College Italy, where he is a visiting lecturer in osteopathic technique, and the Upledger Institute Italy where he teaches muscle energy techniques.