Chiropody/Podiatry for Children

It is never too early to take care of your feet. A Podiatrist is a foot specialist who can diagnose, treat and prevent a range of foot and lower limb symptoms. Many common foot conditions in children may be attributed to poorly fitting footwear and no time is more important when their feet are developing. This is why our podiatrist offer suitable treatment for common foot conditions and give advise on how to maintain healthy feet, preventing common condition occurring.

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Chiropody/Podiatry for children can treat:

  • Ingrowing toenails

  • Verruca

  • Toenail infection

  • Odd-shaped toenails

  • Foot or lower leg pain

  • Fungal nail infection

  • athletes fee


What to Expect

The podiatrist will start by taking a detailed medical history, including information about the symptom(s) presented. This helps to give the podiatrist an understanding of the individual needs. Treatment option will be discussed,and consent from parent/guardian must be given before treatment may start. Consent may be withdraw to treatment at any stage.

Once consultation has finished they will be asked to remove footwear so the podiatrist can assess the feet. As all patients are assessed on their individual needs. Therefore treatment may very slightly, this ensures every patient gets the treatment and advice based on their own needs and concerns.

Once the treatment has finished our podiatrist will discuss a treatment plan if further treatment is required, depending on what symptoms are presented and advice on how to keep the feet in healthy condition.



We can insure that personal information and medical history provided are kept strictly confidential. The information given will not be disclosed without your written consent. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian. You are safe in the knowledge that at Widnes Children Chiropody/Podiatry Clinic all podiatrists are certified and has undergone specialist training. Our Podiatrists with The Health & Care Professional Council.

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