Sports Massage

It is commonly thought that Sports Massage is only for professional athletes, however this is not the case. You don’t have to be a sportsperson to reap the many benefits of a Sports Massage. Sports Massage is a targeted treatment of the soft tissue. It is used to help alleviate stress and tension which builds up in the body’s tissues. It helps to drain away fatigue, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and over all body well-being.

Sports Massage is not just about treatment to the muscles but all the other soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons and the fascia connecting the muscles were a lot of tension is usually stored at this area. This technique also involves stretching of the muscle with soft tissue release and muscle energy techniques. This techniques combined help to lengthen short,tense muscles, ease joint pressure, reduce pain and reduce further injury.

Sports Massage can also be used for relieving pain brought of by illnesses and conditions affecting the muscles. With deep pressure applied and stretching it is beneficial for those with chronic back pain, migraine sufferers and fibromyalgia. Sports Massage is a unique treatment like no other massage technique. Whatever you body type this treatment is full body reinvigorating, giving better long term relief from pain and injury than any other form of massage therapy.

What are the benefits of Sports Massage?

  • Increase range of movement

  • Improves scar tissue

  • Speeds up recovery of injury

  • Encourages relaxation of muscles

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Reliever Delayed onset muscle soreness

  • Reduces muscle pain

  • Increase sense of well-being

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

  • Better sleep

  • Increase elimination of exercise waste products

  • Decrease muscle spasms


What to Expect

You Sports Massage therapist will start by taking a detailed medical history, including information about your symptom(s), including your current health and lifestyle. With this information our therapist will focuses on you problem areas and gain an understanding of your individual needs. Agreeing a treatment plan, course of action and obtain your consent. You may withdraw your consent to treatment at any stage of your treatment.

Before treatment starts you will be asked to remove your clothing to your level of comfort. The therapist will leave the room for your to get undressed and ask you to lie on the treatment bed, covering your body with towels provided except the area which is being massaged.

Throughout treatment relaxation music is played, however if you find music distracting please tell your practitioner. Massage oil or lotion are used in your massage treatment, If your allergic to oils or lotions it is important to let your practitioner know.

As your treatment begins your therapist will check on the pressure and your comfort, however if you are feeling uncomfortable at any time please tell your practitioner. Your comfort is important and our therapist can change the massage pressure to suit your needs.

It is normal to feel a bit sore a few days after your treatment while your body adjusts. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the clinic to speak to your therapist.



We can insure that all personal information and medical history provided are kept strictly confidential. The information will not be disclosed without your written consent. You are safe in the knowledge that at Widnes Sports Massage all therapists are certified and has undergone specialist training.