What Is Chiropody?

Podiatry test

Chiropody – also sometimes called podiatry, is the school of medicine dealing with damage to and disorders of the feet, ankles and toes. It’s not a school of medicine that you likely think of often, and one that you might even be surprised to know exists, but if you develop a problem with your foot, you’ll know. In fact, it may be all you can think about –  your feet are one of the most sensitive areas on the body, and certainly one of the most frequently and intensively exercised.

When they are damaged or develop a problem, whether it’s muscle pain, calluses, verrucae, and cracked or hardened skin, the results can be excruciating, as the combination of sensitivity and intensive use works together against you.

Widnes Alternative Health employs a number of trained chiropodists who can provide expert foot care and treatment for a number of problems. They can tailor their treatment plans and techniques to suit any patient, including all age ranges and special requirements, and deal mostly with the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of problems affecting the feet, ankles and toes. Chiropody itself isn’t just about the treatment of injuries and joint problems, however – it’s a balanced and fully-developed school of medicine with an emphasis on health screening, preventing mobility issues and health education, and our chiropodists take their craft to its limits, working to treat patients suffering from the effects of diabetes, arthritis, sports injuries and tissue damage. They are even qualified to perform nail surgery procedures on patients with ingrowing toe nails or thickening nails.

A skilled chiropodist, like those at Widnes Alternative Health, will also be able to help you work through any issue from verrucas to bone disorders – they will be able to analyse every component about a person’s walking and running gait to identify any problems caused by that and correct them, or prevent them if they haven’t occurred yet. Since these problems, caused by the way you walk, can sometimes result in intense pain or even a disorder leading to deformity, it’s important to recognise them and correct the root of the issue quickly. A chiropodist can help with that.

Your chiropodist will also be experienced with managing problems caused by physical ailments like arthritis and corns that can lead to painful deformities, needing expert podiatric care. A range of treatments can be used to mitigate the effects of these disorders, including medicines, physiotherapy, special dressings or supportive padding – ask your chiropodist for more information if you are interested or think you may need podiatric treatment.

Chiropody also includes nail care, and your chiropodist will be experienced in performing nail surgery with a local anaesthetic if you need it. Ingrowing toenails and other nail issues requiring surgical intervention can often become serious issues if left unattended, but your chiropodist will never use surgery as a first resort.

Modern chiropodists will also be up-to-date with the most recent improvements in their field, with modern best practice used and attention paid to the cutting edge of the field. Usually, the treatments prescribed will include specialist ointments, sprays or creams, supportive padding, physiotherapy and even localised minor surgery, in extreme cases.